Built on generations of trust



Built on generations of trust.

We connect with entrepreneurs just as easily as the long established businesses already in operation over the years. We advise owners and the owners' families. We advise individuals who have suffered harm by the actions of others. For over four decades of our well-established Southern California business law practice, multiple generations of clients have considered Tom Watts their go-to personal business lawyer.


A Personal Business Lawyer Guiding, Advising and Pointing the way to Success

If a matter falls outside of Tom Watts's subject-matter expertise, we make thoughtful, researched, and dependable referrals. We will follow the results on your behalf. We realize our clients would not hire a tax accountant to get advice about marketing nor would they hire a marketing expert for advice on supply-chain logistics. We take the time to understand a clients' precise needs, interests and expectations before making a referral.

Model that Delivers Results

Our clients are interested in high levels of service, quality and results. They know Tom Watts as a business-minded and thoughtfully considerate of the short-term and long-term financial impact of course-of-action recommendations. If lengthy and complex litigation threatens to make legal fees and costs a serious concern, it may mean it's time to refocus and take a different path. Tom Watts has the depth and breadth of experience to help business owners and managers to develop and consider alternatives and to exercise viable options.

Areas of Practice

  • Business formation, organization and continued operation
  • Merger, acquisition and dissolution of business organizations
  • Family business succession
  • Governmental business regulations
  • Business compliance issues
  • Contract negotiations
  • Commercial, farming and residential real estate acquisitions, sales and leasing
  • Business litigation
  • Neutral fact-finding investigations
  • Settlement consultations
  • Settlement strategies for negotiating, offering or accepting settlements
  • Arbitration
  • Special Master
  • Referee
  • Dispute Resolution